Target Audience:
  • Decision makers and national policy makers.
  • Businessmen and investment companies.
  Universities, government and private development centers.  
  Government and independent specialized research centers.  
  Innovators, inventors and researchers.  
  Providers of service and technology solutions in the field of environmental technologies.  
  Partners of development programs for implementing the National Environmental Technology Strategic Plan.  
  Centers of excellence and departments of intellectual inventions protection.  
  General Presidency of Meteorology and Environment Protection.  
  Ministry of Health.  
  National Commission for Wildlife Conservation and Development.  
  High Commission for the Development of Riyadh City.  
  Parties interested in environmental technologies.  
Environmental Technology covers wide scope of scientific areas, which have an impact in many aspects of life.  

Environmental Technology is particularly important to Saudi Arabia, specifically in terms of technology to deal with waste, pollution, air quality and the deterioration of natural resources, all of which have serious environmental repercussions. It is hugely important to develop new environmental technologies to maintain the environment and the high standard of living in the Kingdom, and this is something that Saudi leaders are taking very seriously. Saudi Arabia is aiming to establish an advanced environmental technology industry, to strengthen the capacity of the Kingdom's competitiveness in the global market, and to join the international community's efforts to protect the environment and promote sustainable development.

Given the significance of environmental technology for the Kingdom, it has been included in the National Plan for Science and Technology that has been approved by the Council of Ministers in 1423, corresponding to 2002, within the Fifteen technical areas of vital importance to future development in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia...